Our company

RNG Medicine Research Lab " Bringing science into Herbal Medicine."

Our Vision; To be the leading evidence based phytochemical manufacturing company in Ghana and Africa.

How We Do It

It takes more than over-the-top empty promises about the subpar blends that are offered to stay credible and establish a loyal following for as long as R N G has accomplished. Besides longevity, what keeps R N G a pioneer in the nutraceutical field in Ghana is simple:

We are one of the very few boutique formulators and distributors dedicated to producing “performance-specific” products, meaning each product is designed to “spot-light” one distinctive aspect of gender-particular performance.

This approach allows our formulators to concentrate on the principle in which each formula was intended, maximizing its proposed aim..

Why We Do It

we believe Ghana can be a medical powerhouse like the India, China, Germany, UK etc in the field of Natural Medicine. We want to introduce new faith based medicine in the country and reduce the damaging side effects of conventional medicine. /p>

Science based , well tested and clinically proven phytochemical products into the Ghanaian market and Africa.

Consistently widening our products brand and distribution channels, we will maintain our mission by broadening awareness of the beneficial results that help improve the health of the people by using alternative medicine, physical attributes of both men and women when natural supplements and herbal medicines are used daily.

Our Directors